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Heehee have fun you two? by Bread-Crumbz Heehee have fun you two? by Bread-Crumbz
Everyone relax, they are kissing. Nothing more

Please tell me of any typos you see! Thanks!

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I looked long and hard at my friends. They were my best friends. Truly they were. However, my love for Fluttershy was greater than the way I felt about my friends. So if they shunned us for this, then fine. We still had Pinkie on our side, anyway. I slammed my hooves into the water, making the 3 flinch and I finally spoke.

"Fluttershy and I are more than just friends." I said, narrowing my eyes at them. They remained silent. Applejack knew, but she wanted to hear it from the pony's mouth.

"Yeah, we're together. We're a couple. The both of us." I knew everypony in the area was watching me. Watching us. But I didn't care. I felt even stronger with her there. However, out of the corner of my eye, I could see her lowering herself into the water more, as Pinkie tried to be there to comfort her.

Rarity opened her mouth to speak. "Rainbow Dash, Darling, we don't judge you for that!" she said, her voice carrying a high note at the end. I tilted my head, confused.

Twilight nodded. "Yeah Rainbow, you're our friend! We don't care who you date, or who you love!" she was smiling when she said this, but her smile fell. "The only problem is..if you two break up-"

I cut her off. "Like I told Applejack, don't worry about it!"

Twilight glared at me, her voice hiring. "Let me finish, Rainbow! As I said, if you two break up, our whole gang will break up as well!"

Applejack nodded. "That's what ah meant, Sugarcube! If you two broke up, then what would we do? We'd either lose one, or both of ya'll! The group would be torn apart because of your break up."

My ears lowered as well, and I could tell my face contorted into fear. Oh Celestia, she was right. But the thought of me leaving her. Of us breaking up, send a cold chill through my body. It felt like my organs would shut down at the very thought.

"That's not going to happen. Because.." I gulped. "Because Fluttershy and I will not be breaking up." I said this loudly, and proudly. I didn't care if the whole park heard. They needed to know how I felt. She did as well.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her slowly rising above water, looking at me. Her eyes blinked curiously as I turned to face her, giving her a bright smile. I flew over to her and placed my wing around her comfortingly. "I will not break up with her. We are going to make this work. For ourselves, and for our friendship...And we want you all to support this. Okay?"

I could feel Fluttershy welcoming this affection, even if it was a public display of it. She rested her head on my shoulder and I sighed contently. We watched the others and how they would react. Of course, Pinkie flipped.

"Yahoo! See! I told everypony, didn't I?! You guys are really perfect!" she hopped around the water, splashing all of us. Rarity whined in protest at getting wet.

"Yes yes, of course we will support you! If you think this will work, then...who are we to break up a happy couple??" she shouted with a smile.

Twilight and Applejack looked at eachother, before giving in and smiling at us too.

"Aw shucks, Rainbow, Ah didn't know ya'll truly felt that strongly. Of course we will support ya'll."

Twilight nodded, swimming over to us. "I think we should celebrate!" she took out her notebook and pencil, jotting down notes. "And for me, celebrating is calculating the speed of the slide I just rode~"

Applejack hopped over to her, knocking the notebook and pencil into the water, much to a very displeased Twilight. "Ah say last one to the Dragon Drench is a rotten apple!" she whooped, before hopping out of the pool.

Twilight groaned, getting up beside Rarity. But they both trotted after them, their noses in the air. However, they both gave us a smile before disappearing after Applejack.

Pinkie hopped out of the pool too, cheering and squealing. "Woohoo! The Dragon Drench! That's the best waterslide here! Come on you slow ponies!" she called to us.

I sat there a few moments with Fluttershy, smiling down at her. "You wanna just stay here? Swim a bit?" I asked.

She shook her head, pulling away from me to get out of the water. "You wanna be a rotten apple?" she asked me, grinning slyly.

I sat there a few seconds before, shooting out of the water. "Aha! Yeah right! It's gonna be you who is!" Despite this, we both trotted together to follow Applejack to the slide.


Today was amazing. My friends knew about us, and accepted it! Not only that, Fluttershy didn't hate my public display of love for her. And if she did, she certainly didn't show it. We had a wonderful time riding the slides, eating various treats, and joking around. I think after I stopped being so stubborn and opening up a bit more to everypony, they didn't get so defensive. I should learn how to tone down my cocky attitude.

Or maybe not.

As the park began to close, we headed out to a bus this time instead. It would get us back quicker. The bus waited at the park for everypony to board, making their way back to wherever they were from.

Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie, and Applejack were walking ahead of us, as we only walked a few feet behind. I remembered what Applejack said, and Fluttershy and I made sure to include them in our conversations and they did the same. It was so much easier now that everypony knew. I couldn't be happier!

"Alright, everypony!" said Twilight. "The bus will be here in 20 minutes. We should get out there and wait first. So we can get good seats!" she said.

Applejack nodded. "Yeah. Ah'm pretty tuckered out from today. It'll be nice to rest my hooves." she said, rubbing them against the ground in an attempt to massage them.

Rarity stuck her nose in the air, feeling simply disgusted with herself. Her beautifully curled hair was now hanging down around her shoulders. Stringy and wet from the events from today. "I simply can't believe I let you ponies drag me onto those waterslides. My once perfectly curled hair is now a mess." she whined.

Applejack was the first to speak up. "Aw shucks, Rarity. Ya'll had a blast today. Can't ya just accept it? 'Sides, you can shower when ya get home."

Rarity stuck her tongue out at Applejack. "Hmph! Unlike some ponies, I take great pride in my appearance!" she said coyly to Applejack again, now grinning.

Pinkie Pie still had as much energy as ever, hopping around all of us as we sat in tired heaps at the bus stop. "Ooh! I'm still all wound up from today!" she said, giggle snorting. Suddenly however, she stopped, a loud rumble could be heard among us. We all turned to Pinkie to see her face have a look of surprise.

"Oh..guess I'm hungry!" she said, before laughing. We all joined in.

"Yeah, I guess I'm hungry too...anypony volunteer to grab us a vegidog before boarding the bus?"

We were all silent, avoiding eye contact, before surprisingly, Fluttershy spoke up. "Rainbow Dash and I can get them." she said.

I looked over at her, and rolled my eyes. I didn't feel like moving much either. But Fluttershy looked at me, insisting I go. My ears perked up and I nodded eagerly. "Yeah, yeah we'll go!"

The others sighed in relief, happily handing us their bits to pay for the food with. "Thanks so much, you two. Hurry back!" said Twilight. We nodded, and went off to the stand together


I assumed the worst. She wanted to lecture me about speaking so loudly about us infront of everypony else. Or maybe it was because I was on the slides too much today and didn't talk to her a lot. All I knew was this could be good, or bad.

As we arrived at the vegidog stand, I took out the bits, counting them. "Well let's see. We have enough to give each Pony a vegidog and-" and in that instant, I felt Fluttershy practically pushing me behind the stand, without the prying eyes of the last few ponies leaving to see. She pushed me against the wall and I felt her lips attack mine, and her tongue invade my mouth. My eyes shot open. This was not what I expected. Not in the least.

I felt her push me on the ground now and we sat, and she wrapped her back legs around my waist, still kissing me passionately. She had done stuff like this before, but never this much. She always said kissing wasn't her thing. Well tonight she sure showed me wrong. Finally, after a few minutes of this, she pulled away.

"Rainbow Dash..what you said today. About never wanting to leave me...." she was only a few millimeters away from my lips, and it felt as though she would spring on them anytime. "It made me feel so special..." she buried her head under my chin, squeezing me tightly.

I was stunned. How could she not think I already found her special. I smiled, squeezing her back. "Well, are a very special pony to me. You know that, don't you?" I whispered tenderly.

She nodded, and made a small whimper. "I love you, Rainbow Dash..."

I kissed her on the forehead, then trailed my kisses down to her neck before answering. "And I love you, Fluttershy."

She gave me one more kiss on the lips before pulling herself away. We bought the vegidogs and brought them back to the girls. At first, their faces lit up at the sight of their food, then they fell, looking almost shocked, before breaking into fits of laughter.

"No wonder why it took you both so long to get our vegidogs" giggled Twilight.

Applejack chuckled as well. "Heehee, have fun you two?" she asked.

Pinkie tilted her head, already shoving her vegidog in her mouth. "What? I don't get it!" she complained.

It took us both a minute to realize, but our manes were a mess. They were tangled and it looked like somepony's hooves were playing in them. We both giggled shyly, and as we did, the bus for home arrived.

We sat next to eachother on the way home. As she fell asleep on my shoulder, I looked out the window at the night sky. Today was one of the best days of my life I think. Nothing would top this. Not even joining the Wonderbolts. Nothing would be as perfect as today was.

I wish it would stay like this forever.
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