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July 11, 2012
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I know you can fix him. by Bread-Crumbz I know you can fix him. by Bread-Crumbz
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It had been a while since my talk with Pinkie Pie. I chose to just keep it at that and see where it went. The gang and I would have our usual adventures but Fluttershy and I never really interacted alone except when she helped me pick out Tank, my Tortoise. After that I had more of a reason to interact with her since she would help me provide food and what not for him. That made me extremely happy that I could see her often enough alone and get to know her more. I would end up staying a bit longer than intended as we would talk for almost hours at a time. Whether it was about how the weather would be tomorrow or what animals she had taken care of. I didn't really care as long as we talked. It seemed she would open up to me more and more which made me even happier.

One evening I was headed over to get more food for Tank. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that I was flying extra fast to see her. Because I was planning on asking her to hang out with me. Like, officially hang out. I couldn't be more excited. As I flew overhead I saw her not at her house, but near a few lonely trees in a field, sitting alone. Panic set in as my stomach dropped. What was the matter? I swooped down as quickly as I could, landing a few feet away. "Fluttershy? What's wrong?" I asked in a panicked voice.

Suddenly she turned around and looked at me with those big blue eyes filled with tears. I gulped at the site and my heart dropped. What had happened...? "Oh Rainbow was just awful!" she sobbed as she nuzzled her head under my chin for comfort. I felt as though I was going to collapse. My knees grew weak and my heart raced. I had never actually had her be affectionate with me before. Even if it was some feeble attempt to get me to comfort her. Despite it not being my style to be sympathetic, I nuzzled back slightly in an instant.

"What's the matter...Fluttershy..huh?" I asked trying to soothe her enough to calm her down. When I noticed she had a brown bird cradled in her hooves I sighed. It must have been hurt.

"I-I..I don't know what happened, Rainbow Dash. I fed him this morning and he was fine. Then..then I was going to check on him and I found him like this!" her sobs grew more and more uncontrollable as I did my best to make her feel better. I know I was awful for enjoying her touch while she was so upset..but I just couldn't resist.

"Fluttershy hey...." I whispered in a soothing voice. "If anypony can help him, it's you" she began to calm down now, wiping her nose.

" believe that...?" she asked, still crying but not as hard.

I nodded, gently rubbing her back. "I know you can fix him." she was beginning to become more subdued now. "But you need to relax and calm doctor can help a patient when they're crying now, right?" I asked, hoping I didn't sound too harsh.

Her sobs calmed down now and she began to sniffle. "I..I guess not."

I smiled down at her. "'ve got to keep cool and put your emotions aside to help your patients...and I've seen you with injured animals. You can do it."

She pulled away as I stood in the same position, yearning for more. "Th-thank you, Rainbow Dash. You're such a good friend." she said, smiling through her tears.

Those words were bitter sweet. A good friend? I sighed, but smiled nonetheless, nodding. "Yeah yeah, don't sweat it."

Fluttershy bat her eyes at me, moving closer. "I mean it, Rainbow Dash..I don't know what I'd do without you." she said, pressing on.

I rubbed the back of my head and gulped. It felt like I had parasprites in my stomach fluttering their wings. "Really, really it's nothing." I assured her. Why was I so afraid? I wanted this didn't I? No...I shouldn't get my hopes up. I should stop reading into this too deeply.

She put the bird gently on her back and lifted into the sky. "I know you came for Tank's food, but I gave you the last bag last week. I'll have another tomorrow, okay?" she said to me. "Thanks again, Rainbow.." she said before she took off.

I marveled at how slow and gracefully she flew. Despite not being fast or flying high, it was such a soothing site to see. Maybe I could take her flying sometime...take her flying...
"Hey wait, Fluttershy!" I shouted.

She turned to me, a confused look on her face. "Yes, Rainbow Dash?" she asked.

I swallowed hard. "You wanna come with me to watch the meteor showers in the sky tomorrow? It's gonna be cloudy and the earth and unicorn ponies can't see it..but I figured maybe you'd wanna watch it with me? Since we're both pegasus ponies after all." I said, showing off my wings.

Then Fluttershy just looked at me, not saying a word. This went on for a good 10 seconds. My pose changed as I tried to make myself look smaller and smaller, lowering my ears, still a nervous smile on my face. I felt relief when she smiled at me and nodded.

"O-oh okay. That sounds nice, Rainbow Dash. I'll see you tomorrow then!" she said smiling at me, and then flew off. Obviously eager to get the bird back.

I smiled joyfully and hopped up and down. "Okay, great! Pick you up at 8!" and I flew up into the sky, and in no time I was above the clouds, spinning and twirling. All of Ponyville must have heard my whoops and yells of joy. This was really happening. We were going to hang out, together, just us! I couldn't wait.
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