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July 16, 2012
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I'm...shy by Bread-Crumbz I'm...shy by Bread-Crumbz
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I woke up the next morning, again, feeling as happy and energetic as ever. So we were technically going out now. It was official. I hadn't told Pinkie Pie yet as I wanted to see how things go. Even if I wanted to blab to all of ponyville what was going on. I knew Fluttershy was a bit more conservative about it all so I needed to respect that.

It was the day of the butterfly migration and I flew to where Fluttershy told me to meet her. It was in a large field with barley any trees. She said it was easier for the butterflies to fly through them instead of bumping into stuff. I hovered over the area, scanning to see if I could find that yellow pony. I already saw her sitting near a bush. I smiled and flew over to her. "Fluttershy!" I called.

She turned to see me, her face beaming. "Rainbow Dash! Hurry! It's just about to start!" she urged, patting the seat beside me.

I landed and ran over to where she was, near her. Our forelegs were intertwined and I felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It really did feel right to be with her. I hadn't even noticed the silence when she finally spoke. "See, Rainbow! See!" she exclaimed, pointing with her hoof.

I looked up and saw Butterflies spread out everywhere across the field. My jaw dropped, not out of beauty but out of astonishment. How could they be content to move so SLOW?! I tried my best to hide the boredom I was experiencing as I could tell she was truly enjoying herself. I rested my hoof under my chin. This was going to really blow.

After only ten minutes I was beginning to get anxious. My tail swished back and fourth in aggravation. I wanted to burst into the clouds and just fly fast for these slow little guys. But I knew it'd break Fluttershy's heart if I up and left. And plus, I couldn't bear to leave her side. Still, there must have been something to pass the time...

I lifted my head up to look at her, she hardly noticed me and was perplexed by the butterflies. Just looking at her I couldn't resist. I knew I shouldn't move in to kiss her, but at the same time I wanted to so bad. I wanted to see how she'd react. I bit my bottom lip, resisting the urge. More and more butterflies began to show up and she squealed in delight. "Oh! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful??" she asked, looking up at them.

Involuntarily, I let this phrase slip out. "Y-yeah. I'm looking right at her..." I said finally. Her eyes shot open and she turned her head away from me in embarrassment.


She was so cute when she did this, I couldn't resist. I took Fluttershy's cheek in my hoof and turned her to face me. I quickly moved in to plant a kiss on her lips. It was sort of forced and rough and I knew that must have made her uncomfortable. As soon as she turned her head away my heart sank.

"Ah! S-sorry, Fluttershy I didn't mean to I just..oh man. I knew you wouldn't like that.."

Fluttershy slowly shook her head. "It's not's just. I'm...shy." she sighed, keeping her head turned away from me.

I nodded slowly. "You don't have to be shy with me anymore, Fluttershy. You don't need to hide..." I took her cheek again in my hoof and attempted to kiss her again, this time she didn't hesitate.

My first kiss was everything I imagined it'd feel like. My stomach full of these butterflies fluttering through them, my heart racing, my face blushing. I opened my eye a bit to see her expression. She looked like she was really enjoying it. Her eyes were squeezed shut and every so often I'd hear a soft moan whenever the kiss got more passionate.

Finally, however, it was too much for her and she pulled away reluctantly. "Aha....sorry. I'm so embarrassed..." she said, hiding behind her mane and forelegs again.

I smiled down at her and nuzzled up against her, gently licking her forehead to groom her. "That was awesome...." I said, resting my wing over her.

Even though she didn't respond, she sighed happily, resting her head on my forelegs, nuzzling against my chest. "Dashie...was that your first kiss...?" she asked.

I smiled and sighed happily. " was. And it was great."

Then it got silent again. I figured she was just as happy with it as I was. We laid there together for what seemed like only 20 minutes when it was actually all day. We talked about everything. Princess Celestia, the girls, all of our experiences together. It was just great. Not only were we getting closer on an intimate level, but on a personal level as well.

Eventually, the last of the butterflies flew overhead and we had to get going as there was no reason to be in that field. But we didn't leave. We lay there, looking up at the clouds, guessing shapes. She would come over and lay on my chest and just close her eyes, listening to my ever increasing heartbeat.

After that long gap of silence, I was the one to break it.

"Fluttershy...?" I spoke up.


I gulped, afraid to even ask this question. But wanting to be better than everyone else, I asked. "Was I the best kisser out of everyone else?"

She was quiet for a moment then nodded. "Hehe...well, yes...but I think it's because you're a girl. Girls are better kissers than guys.." she giggled.

I sighed in relief, pulling her into a deep hug and shutting my eyes tightly. She was too perfect, it was too good to be true. I was afraid if I opened my eyes or let go she would just vanish into thin air.

"'re squeezing too hard..."

My eyes shot open and I eased up a bit as I was shook back to reality. "Haha. Oh. My bad...I're just..."

She looked up at me, blinking innocently.

"I'm just glad we can be together like this finally..." I admitted, smiling warmly at her.

She smiled back and shut her eyes, not saying anything. She lifted her head up and kissed me gently on the cheek. As if that was enough to say. "I am too"
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