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July 9, 2012
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O-oh! You really think so...? by Bread-Crumbz O-oh! You really think so...? by Bread-Crumbz
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I think it started a day after we got that dragon out of ponyville....yes I think that's when it all began for me. For us. I know I was really impatient with her and I was actually annoyed with her. She constantly hid away from any challenge and slowed us down. Listening to her little 'eeps' really got on my nerves. I tried to tell Twilight she should have just stayed back in Ponyville. She was useless to us on this journey. All that changed when I saw how she stood up to the dragon. How in that situation she was able to face her fears. She gained so much more respect from me since then...

But you want to hear about how it happened, huh? Well I was on my way to her house. I was going to apologize. For being such an insensitive jerk. I didn't mean to be, I really didn't. Sometimes things'd slip out before I could censor it. There was nothing I could do really except go with it. And why not? I was Rainbow Dash. I didn't let anything stifle my confidence.

As I arrived I knocked on her door. After waiting a few seconds for a response I peered into her window. Her house seemed empty except for a few raccoons sleeping on her couch. "Fluttershy?" I called out to her, a bit concerned to why she wasn't inside. I flew over to the back to see she was near her little Bunny..Angel or whatever it's name was little house. I hovered in the air getting her attention as she seemed busy cleaning up around the area. "Fluttershy!" I exclaimed. Then she did that thing that annoyed me. She squealed and flinched before looking up at noticing me. I couldn't help but make a frustrated expression. She merely lowered her head, but greeted me anyway. "O-oh..hey Rainbow.."

Why was she talking to me like that...? Then I realized I probably looked angry. I softened my expression and landed a few feet away from her. "Hey, Fluttershy!" I felt myself smile nervously at her. I hadn't actually spent time alone with her before. Sure we hung out with the gang, and I even knew her in flight school back in Cloudsdale. But we were never friends then. Fluttershy blinked a few times, her pink hair covering her eyes. Something about the way she blinked, or the way part of her mane covered her one eye caused something in my heart to leap.

"I just wanted to, ya know, come over to say sorry." I said, walking a bit closer to her. She remained aloof, but courteous and polite nonetheless.
"What do you mean, Rainbow Dash?" she asked in that meek, quiet voice.
"I was a total asshat to you yesterday and I feel bad. I just wanted to come over and say I'm sorry." phew. That was easier than I thought. I kept the smile on my face, but felt my cheeks burn. Was I blushing?
"I mean it was totally awesome the way you handled that dragon! You showed me more courage than I had ever seen..I just wanted to congratulate you for that.." I said, tilting my head to the ground.

This suddenly got her attention as I noticed her look over at me. "O-oh! You really think so...?" when I had looked at her I noticed she was a tad pink as well, this made my face flush even more. At least it felt like it.

"Y-yeah of course I do! Fluttershy the dragonslayer!" I said, flashing her a big smile.

Fluttershy giggled and averted her eyes. My heart leaped again. "Ahaha...I wouldn't go that far." it seemed she had warmed up a bit.

Things got quiet again. None of us had said anything in the last few seconds and she continued to pick up around Angel's small house. "W-well Rainbow Dash it was nice that you stopped by..but I'm glad you did. I have chores to do and I would hate to bore you..." and I knew Fluttershy wasn't actually politely kicking me out. I may not know her as well as I ought to, but I know that she is being sincere. My brain was beginning to get too jumbled to stay anyway.
"Yeah!" I exclaimed. "See you around!" and I was gone in a Dash.

As I was flying, all these thoughts, all these...emotions were going through my mind at once. What was all that about and why was all this happening? I just went to say sorry. Was it because I swallowed my pride and knocked myself down a few pegs to be a good friend?

Yes that's what it was.

I'm certain it was because I was trying to be a good friend.


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So I've suddenly decided to go back and reread this story from the start (or at least, the happy chapters...). It's interesting just seeing how far your artwork has come along since then, in addition to your writing. :)
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The characters have the same mannerisms as their show-counterparts: something MANY fabrics fail horribly at.
I love this series. :icondashawesomefaceplz:
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