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September 7, 2012
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So whatchu gon' do to me? by Bread-Crumbz So whatchu gon' do to me? by Bread-Crumbz
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RedRobin. The Pegasus that had sprung up as an overnight sensation throughout Equestria. What drew him into the public eye was not just his amazingly velvety voice; but the stunts he would do and his dancing. Formally a resident of Cloudsdale his stunts landed him a position for the Wonderbolts. Lacking any real discipline or drive to be the best he quit that dream and focused mostly on his singing. The stunts were just for fun but he was a natural. Eventually he had caught the eye of Canterlot's most elite residents who had the money to fund his singing career. And it just took off from there.

I had always had a crush on him in flight school. Sure he was a bit egotistical but he was just so confident and full of himself; even moreso than Rainbow. I guess I have a talent for being attracted to the egotistical ones. He wasn't like Rainbow though in some aspects. He didn't have much of a sense for loyalty. Any little girlfriend he had got tossed aside when somepony prettier came along. I never wanted to risk getting my heart broken so I just admired him from afar.

Him and Rainbow had the biggest rivalry. They would race eachother constantly. Sometimes he beat her, and sometimes she'd beat him. Eventually when I was able to leave flight school for good and live on the ground I stopped seeing him. And with time that crush went away. Tonight I was mostly just there to see his music and stunts then leave. Despite what Rarity said I didn't really want to meet any stallion.


"Oh Fluttershy you look simply gorgeous!" beamed Rarity as she looked at her final product which was me at the moment. I had to admit I was looking rather cute. I had flowers tied into my hair with a bit of makeup and a tank top with a nice skirt. Rarity insisted I wear shoes so I wore boots on each hoof that went up to my knees. She fanned herself, proud of her work. I may have looked beautiful but she looked way better than me. Rarity always managed to look beautiful. She wore big beautiful hoop earings, a cute black top and a leather skirt like mine with some extra high heels on. I tried to wear a pair of those and proceeded to fall on my face.

"Oh Rarity, I wouldn't look like this without your help." I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I wondered what Rainbow'd think of me looking like this and quickly shut my eyes to dismiss that thought. Rarity shook her head.

"Nonsense, darling! Your beauty is all natural~!" she beamed again, trotting to the door. "Now come on, he'll be preforming in a few hours! We want to claim our spot!" she insisted, galloping out the door. Even in heels she was walking normally. I envied her for that. Still, I galloped after her to the concert.


Once we arrived it was already crowded. We fought our way to our spot near the front row. It must have cost Rarity a fortune. It was already loud with all the ponies talking, not to mention them being very close to us. It sort of made me uncomfortable. I leaned over to Rarity, almost shouting for my voice to be heard.

"I really do owe you for the tickets, Rarity!" I said, even my shouting sounded like a normal voice. Rarity turned to me and shook her head.

"No no what are friends for, anyway? I wanted you to come with me! Please consider this a gift!" she winked. "'s good to get out. Get your mind off things, ya know?" she said with a smile. I gave a sad look and nodded.

"Y-yeah, Rarity..." now that she mentioned it my mind was swimming with Rainbow. What was she doing? She was probably better off without me now. She probably wasn't even upset anymore I bet. No, I shook those thoughts away.

"It can't be helped..."

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the crowd went even more nuts. The ponies around me almost went nuts and even Rarity did. I merely looked around. I hadn't known what to expect but I wasn't going to cheer wildly for something that might not even be worth it.

Rarity nudged me. "He's coming! He's coming!" she squealed hopping up and down with the other ponies here. I continued to look up at the stage, clapping my hooves to at least be polite. As if RedRobin needed more cheering.

"Hello Ponyville!" a booming male voice spoke over the speakers. The crowd continued to cheer.

"Are you all ready for RedRobin?"

The concert practically exploded with excitement. Suddenly music began to play. It sounded a bit calm but you could tell it was going to build. It had a bit of a hip hoppy feel to it as I continued to watch the stage, wondering how he would make an appearance. Knowing him it would be extravagant. To make himself noticed. As if he wasn't already going to be.

Suddenly a Pegasus silhouette appeared on the stage with smoke and lights concealing his identity. I felt my stomach flood with butterflies. I wondered what he looked like after all these years? Had he matured? Gotten cuter? Those questions swam in my head for a few seconds before finally he appeared near the stage in full view. My jaw gaped.

He looked just as stunning as before, if not better. His red mane styled wildly and his black coat shiny. His cutie mark was some type of bird and his cocky smirk was still the same.

I knew another pony with a cocky smirk like that.

Oddly enough, thoughts of her escaped my mind as soon as he sang. His voice was smooth. It wasn't like any boy band sounding voice or rough country voice. It was smooth, it was silky. It sounded a bit higher pitched but he hit all the high notes perfectly. Even though his voice was wonderful the songs he sung weren't too...appropriate.

"Hey girl I've been debatin' if I should take you hooomme~
Should I take you hooommee~?

The ponies in the crowd were going nuts. Standing out of their seats and cheering wildly. I hadn't recognized most of them from Ponyville. Had they traveled all the way here to see him?

" I don't keep you waitin'~
But I just gotta know...

If you're readyyy~

And now I knew why they came. He slowly flapped his wings as he continued to sing and the crowd screamed even louder. Rarity's shrill screaming voice almost hurt my ears. No, it wasn't just Rarity. It was everypony here. All of them cheering wildly for him.

"She say she wanna take her skirt off; be my guest
I decide to take my shirt off; show my chest.
And we be sippin' on that Merlot; so you know what's next~

I never got why ponies cheered at concerts. Why scream louder than the singer?

He began to fly over the crowd as mares' hooves barley grazed his. Doing various flips and turns. It was amazing how he could sing so perfectly and still pull these moves off.

"You been sayin' all night long that you couldn't wait to get me home alone. So whatchu gon' do to me? Don't talk about it let me see. Let me see let me see~"

Then I saw his green eyes trail down across the crowd and lock onto mine. He continued his performance but his expression changed drastically. It went from cool and collected to overly happy and excited. I felt my entire body practically melt in his gaze and my cheeks burn. It was like flight school all over again.

Rarity nudged me from my thoughts. "He looked at you! I saw him!" she squealed, a big smile on her face. I shook my head.

"He looked at everypony Rarity." I said. She shook her head as well and continued.

"No no he looked at you! I saw him!" she explained again. I knew I couldn't win this fight with her so I nodded. I knew I couldn't win because she was right.

RedRobin looked at me. And not only that, it seemed he remembered me.

And not only that but he smiled. Was I wrong for that sort of making me happy? But I knew he was famous, and just recognizing an old classmate wont really make you that important. I'm sure he was used to old classmates from Cloudsdale going up to him.

A few more flips and acrobats in the air before he landed on stage. And not only were his flying skills incredible; he could dance amazingly too. He used his wings to his advantage to help his moves look even more graceful. And with one finishing move partially flying in the air and dancing he landed on his hooves as the song ended. The crowd erupted with applause. Stunned that it was over, I clapped my hooves as well and stood up to leave. Rarity tapped me.

"Where do you think you're going, dear? A snack?" she asked. I shrugged.

"I..thought it was over?" it was, wasn't it? I mean a singer just sings a song. Rarity laughed.

"Oh don't be silly, dear! He preforms a few more songs tonight!" she insisted, patting my seat. I bit my bottom lip but sat down, watching RedRobin.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight!" he said with a smile. The crowd continued to clap. "You're all beautiful! It's so nice to see my little ponies showing their support!" he took a small bow as they continued to cheer.

"Now you are all very special to me! But there is one pony here who I have known since we were barley learning how to flap our wings!"

I felt my body overcome with dread. He wasn't. I felt my cheeks flush as Rarity shook me with anticipation.

"He's talking about you!" she whispered. He couldn't be.

"She was a very quiet one so if everyone can sort of clap quietly as to not scare her it will be okay." the audience laughed.

Maybe he was.

"Please put your hooves together for my dear old classmate, Fluttershy!" and suddenly a spotlight was beamed onto me as I felt the entire concert hall staring at me and clapping for some reason.

I felt that moment in time I felt like an ant trapped under a class cup. Desperately trying to escape as young students pointed and laughed at it's attempts. I immediately got up to try to run away as I stood up and tried to gallop off. All I wanted to do was get out of there. But something he said caught my attention. And as soon as he said it I knew I wouldn't be allowed to leave.

"And I hope she enjoys the rest of the show, and this next song." I cringed. Each pony in the audience seemed to be pushing me back.

"Go on, go on!" they urged. But I just wanted to leave.

It was hard to believe just 72 hours ago I was cuddling with Rainbow Dash...and now I'm in a crowded concert hall, a place I never thought I'd be about to be sung to by a stallion I used to go to school with.

It's funny how things change, isn't it?


Lyrics (c) to Usher
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jd9393 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014 OC, I hate OCs with a passion, but I like your story. Still I must take action...

:iconmeplz:  RAINBOW DASH!
:iconbossdashplz: Sir!
:iconmeplz: This Red Robin character be up in your town, macin' on your mare! You gonna let that happen?!
:iconrainbowdash7: Hell no, sir!
:iconmeplz: Then go down there and show him what happens when someone macs on Rainbow Dash's mare!
:iconbossdashplz: Sir, yes sir!

[Outside concert hall]

:iconrainbowsnortplz: *Bucks down double doors* It's go time, motherfucker!
Cityofbones0 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
I am so, so sorry, but I feel I just have to say this.. :/

Okay, now that that's over and done I would like to express my immediate distaste for this RedRobin pony, and I look forward to his departure.
I really hope he doesn't try to make a move on Fluttershy. That'd just piss me off even further than freaking GILDA showing up.
MayRothwell Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2014
Yeah, I will probably die if either Fluttershy or Dash get into a relationship, I'm a big flutterdash fan
Hello, enjoying the story so far. however, I've spotted a typo in this sentence:
"Now you are all very special to me! But there is one pony here who I have known since we were barley learning how to flap our wings!"

'barley' should be 'barely'

tenatious-brony Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013
Alright, so I like the story, but there's still a thing or two that's bothering me. Inlove is 2 different words, and barley is a type of grain/wheat. It's spelled barely. 

 Those set aside, though, I do find this story very entertaining. Depressing, but still good. 

PancakeTurtle Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Artist
djthomp Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2012
RedRobin. I already hate him.
Luesatora Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2012
I'm right there with you.
sokom64 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I got your back.
amandaam Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yeah me too.
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