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March 17, 2013
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The Climax by Bread-Crumbz The Climax by Bread-Crumbz
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RedRobin and I had been on tour for about a year before he settled me into his large estate in Canterlot. It was big, but it was large enough where I could get away from him and his hectic life if I needed to be alone. For a shy mare like me, the paparazzi wasn't exactly my most favorite thing in the world. But I managed just to make RedRobin happy.

He would constantly encourage me to join him to press conferences and concerts but after a while I grew tired of trying to please him and spent most of my time in his mansion. Mostly studying for school. Being invested in my homework from the Vet school he sent me to and was paying for was what I tried to focus on. Although after long tour dates he would come home feeling "exhausted and lonely" and that was where my job as groupie came in.

He never flat out told me that I was his groupie. And it wasn't like I was exactly treated like one. But I felt like it, mainly because I knew that while on his tour dates he would have fun with other mares. Not that I minded. I didn't have the same jealousy over him that I did with...with Rainbow Dash.

He said I wasn't like other mares, that I was different. I had heard it all before and simply smiled and thanked him for each compliment. It wasn't like RedRobin was a terrible living companion...he had a lot to offer a mare like me. The only things we would really "fight" about were the fact that I refused to kiss him on the lips.

It was an experience I really shared with one pony: intimacy. I didn't want to give that to other ponies so easily. I may have been easy with RedRobin with my body but when it came to my heart, it wasn't as easy to win. Mostly because by this point my heart was encased in ice.

I know that's a little cruel to say but that's how I felt. I felt that after Rainbow Dash, I could never love again. I don't know exactly what happened. I don't know why. I just shut down...but it was my fault. I'm the one who ruined everything.


I was sitting in my large room at my desk, reading one of my text book chapters. I had a quiz coming up and I wanted to be prepared. Despite how tired I was, I totally tried to invest myself in my studies. I felt like a regular ol' Twilight Sparkle.

Oh how I missed that girl. And the rest of them.

I was jarred from my little world of school when my door violently swung open. RedRobin busted in like his own personal parade. He had a way of letting others know he was there when he entered the room. When he walked in I instinctively cringed, while putting a smile on my face. My mind was so conflicted at this point it tugged me in both directions.

"Heyyy, shy shy~" he called, trotting over to me and pulling me into a big, sloppy kiss on the cheek. I tensed up, but allowed it to happen. I let out a tiny, fake giggle and smiled.

"Oh, hello, RedRobin.." I said in my small, meek voice. "What..are you doing here?" I asked him as he pulled away, trotting over to my nicely made bed and plopping on it.

This guy was like a much less lovable version of Pinkie.

"I just wanted to tell you the great news!" he said with a cocky grin. RedRobin stood himself up and pulled out a flyer from under his wing. On it was a picture of him, and in the background were flying ponies which looked surprisingly like the Wonderbolts. Which they were. My heart sank.

"O-oh...a concert with the Wonderbolts?" I asked him.

He nodded and flashed a perfect grin. "Yep! Isn't it just awesome? Yeah, my brother is in it now, as you know...he got them a gig with me." I raised an eyebrow and puffed out his chest. So full of himself. So assured that they were honored to preform with him. I almost rolled my eyes at this.

"Ah...well is that the good news then? Because I really have to-" I began to sat back down at my desk when he scooped me back up as he flew a few feet in the air. I squealed as he held me tight.

"No no no! Enough studying, enough books! I got something better for you!" he said, setting me down on the bed. I tilted my head, running my hoof along my mane.

"What is it?"

He landed in front of me. "You have full access to the V.I.P booth with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna!" he said eagerly.

"The princesses?" my ears perked up. "Oh..I didn't know they would be there..." something inside me began to sink. And I think RedRobin could see it.

"What's wrong?" he asked. It didn't sound like he cared, more of a 'oh jeez, what is it this time?' tone.

"What about my friends?" I asked in a hushed tone.

At this point RedRobin tried to hold back his frustration as he spoke. "You mean your, nobody nothings from that hick town??" he had a smile on his face and let out a few condescending laughs.

My ears lowered and I felt tears push against my eyes, trying to force their way out. "Th-they aren't nobody nothings..." I said to him. "And..And it isn't a hick town, either.." I tried to sound firm, but still found myself having a hard time standing up to him. I tried to remember what Iron Will said but it seemed no rules applied when it came to RedRobin.

"I..I won't go unless you invite them." I was firm at what I said. I forced myself to look him in the eye and put on my best serious face.

He starred at me for a few minutes, scoffing and huffing and puffing. He paced back and fourth a bit. "I don't..I don't believe this I-" he looked back at me and I narrowed my eyes even more. I was serious.

He rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. "Fine, fine." he said, waving his hoof. I perked up immediately and clapped my hooves.

"Yay~!" Rainbow Dash taught me that one. "Well, I appreciate it, I have to get back to study-"

A red blur made it's way toward me and he pushed his hoof down on my chest, forcing me onto the bed.

"No you don't...."

I let out a whimper as a coy smile spread on his face. Why'd he have to be so Celestia dang'd good looking?

I sighed and scooted myself up on the bed, laying my head on the pillow. I didn't want my neck to be sore like last time. I looked away and shut my eyes gently as I felt him cover me with his body.


As we arrived at the Concert Hall, RedRobin was getting ready for his show. He lead be to the V.I.P booth which was above everypony else and it had various snacks and drinks and the princesses were already there. Celestia and Luna greeted both of us as I bowed immediately. RedRobin, not so much.

"I trust you ladies have everything you need?" he asked, seemingly rushed. It's not like these were the princesses or anything.

"Yes, yes. We are just looking forward to seeing you preform." said Celestia. "And I'm glad you came, Fluttershy." she said in that gentle voice, turning to me with a smile.

I felt my face heat up as she said she appreciated me being there. "O-oh..thank you..."

"YES!" Luna's voice boomed out. She immediately corrected herself as she spoke, however. "Yes. We are looking forward to this performance. Us, especially." she giggled, walking over to RedRobin. "We listen to you everyday if possible!"

RedRobin smirked. "Yeah, who doesn't?"

My face shot up and looked right at him. The princesses seemed to brush off the comment but that was no way to talk to a princess! I was mortified! I trotted over to my seat before feeling him walk up behind me. He planted a kiss on my cheek and flew off. I just couldn't wait for my friends to come.

Celestia sat down next to me, putting a hoof on my shoulder. I looked up at her as she gave me a warm smile.

"Everything okay, Fluttershy?" she asked, concerned. I opened my mouth to speak before she answered. "Don't worry, Twilight and your friends will be here."

I smiled up at her and sighed with relief. "Thank goodness...." I didn't want my friends to miss this.

And like clock work, Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, and Applejack all came into the room.

"Girls!" I was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy that I hadn't felt in ages. "My girls!" I flew over to them and wrapped my arms around each and every one.

They all laughed and joined in.

"Fluttershy! We've missed you!" said Twilight, nuzzling herself into me.

"Me too! Ponyville just hasn't been the same without cha" Applejack chimed in.

We pulled away and Rarity immediately fiddled with my mane. "Tsk, your mane looks wonderful, darling. I assume they are keeping it fabulous out in Canterlot~" she said with a smile.

I wanted to say something to Pinkie, but she was already at the snack bar, emerging herself in the punch and cakes. "Oh my gosh! you girls have GOT to try all this stuff! I've never tasted cake this good! Well, except for the double frosting delight Mrs Cake makes for me every once and a while now THAT cake is good!"

I smiled and laughed to myself. I was so happy to see my old friends again. Even if Rainbow Dash wasn't with them...

I feel like us dating really did divide us.

The lights dimmed and I could see RedRobin come up on the stage. The show was starting and all of us shuffled to our seats, ready to see the Once in a lifetime event.

I leaned forward and listened to the song he was singing. His voice was still really enjoyable and fun to listen to while he sang as his back up dancers danced with him.

I watched my friends enjoy the show as I have seen them hundreds of times before. How did performers keep doing things over and over with such enthusiasm??

I continued to zone in and out before something caught my eye. From behind RedRobin I could see a flash of Rainbow and my heart instantly sank.

"Look everypony!" cheered Twilight. "I think it's Rainbow Dash!" they immediately cheered along with the crowd as the Wonderbolts preformed their routine.

It was as if I had anticipated this moment my entire life. That her and I would reunite this way. With her living her dream...and me living the dream.

I continued to watch her dance around the sky and she was smiling. She was actually smiling. I couldn't help but feel myself get more and more depressed seeing her smile and fly in the sky. But I couldn't help but smile back. She was living her dream and I had made the right decision.

My smile began to fade as she flew closer and closer to us. To our booth. The girls cheered more and more wild but I remained motionless. At least, I felt motionless as I slowly approached the balcony. I didn't know if she could see me yet, but I could certainly see her.

The world could see how wonderful she looked right now.

Right when she was a few feet away she stopped instantly and despite her wearing her goggles, I could feel her looking right at me.

I felt tears pour up out of my eyes as I opened my mouth to speak, but words didn't come out.

She did the same, trying to speak but nothing came out.

Time stood still...but Rainbow Dash stopping mid synchronized performance had it's consequences as another colt Wonderbolt slammed head first into her side. I let out a scream as I saw her barrel away from me.
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